RETRO REFRIGERATION...Want something a bit different? The Retro Refrigeration range is both aesthetically stunning and hugely practical.

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On the inside, a modern, professional refrigerator with the latest energy-efficient features and perfect temperature control. On the outside, vintage retro styling that makes a striking focal point in any kitchen or bar. It’s cutting edge technology perfectly combined with classic vintage looks. 

We realise that every customer has their own requirements, which is why we offer a choice of options to make your Retro Refrigeration product, your own.  Available in both upright cabinets and back bar units, the Retro Refrigeration range offers you something that little bit different for both foodservice and beverage storage needs.

Precision equipment can be found in a multitude of locations, from three-star Michelin restaurants to the local pub.  And while our Retro Refrigeration range is designed to withstand the toughest of environments, we are also happy to supply equipment to top-end domestic kitchens.  


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